Cleaning our way to a greener future

Cleaning our way to a greener future

It is important that we all make efforts to protect the environment. Companies that provide professional cleaning services must use sustainable cleaning products. This is also about protecting workers in office cleaning jobs in cities like Dublin. Expert Clean uses the PolGreen range of ecological cleaning products which pose no risk to users. 

The PolGreen range of cleaning products meet the strictest environmental standards. In 2007, Pollet became the second Belgian company to receive the European Ecolabel. Since that time, these products have received numerous ecological certs such as; Green Seal Certified, Ecocert, Biobased and Ecologo. Historically, professional cleaning services in Ireland have used detergents from the petrochemical industry. These products that were being used in office cleaning jobs in Dublin were contributing to increased emissions. Also, these products had detrimental effects on flora and fauna when released into the environment. 

Expert Clean’s range of office cleaning products are from Pollet who have invested in alternatives that are ecological and probiotic. They have selected active ingredients that are safer for the environment and users. 

For example, 100% of these products being used in Dublin office cleaning jobs meet biodegradability standards. 30% of the raw materials used are from renewable sources. 52% of Pollet’s production volume comes from eco-friendly product lines. 

Workplace accidents and illnesses causes employee absenteeism. Studies show Irish businesses lose 11 million workdays each year, costing the Irish economy €1.5 billion. To protect employees working in professional cleaning services in Ireland, Pollet works to reduce the risks associated with these products that clean and protect your surfaces. 

Expert Clean’s product portfolio includes products that are: 

  • Non-allergenic 
  • Have no occupational exposure limit value 
  • Have no hazard pictogram 
  • Are free of volatile organic compounds 

Certified Products 

Pollet became the second Belgian company to receive the European Ecolabel. They have received several ecological certificates since then. These reflect the efforts Pollet has made to limit the environmental impacts of the products being used in commercial cleaning contracts. 

The main products from this range that Expert Clean uses in office cleaning jobs in Dublin are Polgreen odor line indoors, Polgreen odor line neutral, Polgreen odor line sanitary. 

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